23 de out. de 2012

Malala´s Fight [English Version]

Malala Yousuzfai is a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot on the ninth of October last because of her fight in favour of civil rights,especially for women who were not allowed to access education. Malala was very brave and fair for society. Was what she did so serious? I don´t think so. What was her crime? Just trying to help the women of her country? Anyway, I have always thought that going to school was awful, but I realise now that it is something unachievable for thousands of girls like Malala. I look around and what can I see? Textbooks, homework, learning... things that Malala fights for and so many people in The First World reject, curse or even hate. Nobody stops to think about the people who fight for this and can lose their lives. I think the Taliban were terribly unfair and cowardly to attack in such a violent way a girl who didn´t do anything wrong. Now, because of them, she was seriously injured, which she will remember for the rest of her life. And we,as girls and boys of the same age, want to tell you that you must be strong and keep on fighting for the things you really believe in. At present, we are concious about the fact that we have the privilege of being able to attend the school without any difficulty.

Malala, you are a special girl who can undoubtedly achieve all you want to. We support you.
We encourage you to continue forward.

Andrea L. & Fátima C.
2ºESO's Representatives
of Palas de Rei High School

Note: Student's messages in favour of Malala in Galician version post.

Thanks to Bela for her help!

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